The Big Three Killed My Baby

Ask me anything. Really. Ask me.    The White Stripes. Franz Ferdinand. Led Zeppelin. Queen. Kasabian. The Mighty Boosh. Some other lovely things I like.

Please, feel free to leave flowers.


Please, feel free to leave flowers.

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la-mariposa1989 asked: Hi, are there videos to those pictures of Tom with guitar? Thanks ;-)


Well, I don’t know the source of those pictures, but you can see Tom playing guitar on this video. (and he do it pretty good :) )

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Kasabian on YouTube

OMG, how people do this? It’s a such hard work. ⊙﹏⊙

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Meg White as Little Red Riding Hood.
(Detroit Cobras - “Cha Cha Twist”)

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Формула успеха рок–звезды / The formula of successful rock star →


мужик, худой, британец, гитара, маракасы, звериная сексуальность и фамилия классная, чтоб на сцене вел себя, аки герой любовник – все! Остальное не важно! Он может даже ничего не петь и не играть )))

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